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FIM Calendar by Alexey Skalozub

I was having a poke around on the web today and just noticed FIM Calendar by Alexey Skalozub, who we had previously highlighted for his fantastic FIM Delta tool. One of the biggest frustrations that I think many people have with FIM Portal is that features  we've come to expect from modern web applications just [...]

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Unify Solutions run FIM Event Broker 3.1 Webinar

Former employers of mine, Unify Solutions, recently released version 3.1 of their FIM Event Broker product, and ran a launch webinar to showcase the features of this product. If you missed it, they just released it on youtube this morning: If you're unfamiliar with FIM Event Broker, it's essentially an automation tool for the FIM [...]

OCG Releases Splunk for FIM

If you're not familiar with Splunk (I wasn't), it's essentially an Enterprise monitoring and reporting tool that produces reports based on data generated by IT systems. According to the Splunk website, "it's the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure the massive streams of machine data generated by all your IT systems [...]

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New FIM Tool: FIMDelta

While reinstalling FIM Portal in our development environment, one of my colleagues was working on some XSLTs to parse the changes.xml file produced during FIM Portal migration and produce a summary that would allow us to cull out any schema elements and policies that we didn't want to reintroduce to our 'clean' development environment. A [...]

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