CustomizedObjects.aspx: Unable to process your request

Having recently performed a FIM 2010 R2 SP1 Upgrade, I was then required to apply some changes made in an earlier release using the FIM 2010 Migration scripts. In hindsight, I probably should have done this in reverse order (apply changes, then upgrade), as the changes.xml file contained a bunch of deletions related to specific R2 SP1 functionality. Anyway, I cleaned up the XML, ensuring it contained only changes relevant to the development work, but after deploying, I was receiving this error when trying to access  ~/identitymanagement/aspx/customized/CustomizedObjects.aspx?type=CustomType&display=CustomType from my FIM Navigation Bar:

Customized Objects Error

Interestingly, this error only seemed to present for one type of custom resource type – I had one which worked fine, and one which did not. After checking all the MPR permissions around my custom object type, I went into Administration->All Resources and tried to view the resources through there. Same error presented. Not surprising, since I think this page uses CustomizedObjects.aspx also, but this made it obvious that there was something else going on here. I could even create a test custom object and CustomizedObjects.aspx worked fine for it.

The surprising part, to me, was that nothing of use was showing in Event Viewer – just an error saying something was wrong – and even when I enabled verbose logging, nothing turned up. Finally, I went into Administration->Schema Management and compared my initial two custom resource types. I noticed pretty quickly that there was some vital  schema elements missing from my resource type that wasn’t working:

  • Created Time
  • Creator
  • Deleted Time
  • Description
  • Detected Rules
  • Display Name
  • Expected Rules
  • Expiration Time
  • Locale
  • MV Resource ID
  • Resource Time
  • Resource Type

Now, looking at the attributes missing, it’s pretty obvious why CustomizedObjects.aspx wasn’t working for my custom resource type – these are the base attributes used by the system! The only thing that I can imagine happened is that when I was modifying changes.xml for my schema, I must have removed any references to these attributes by accident… though looking back, I don’t recall modifying the schema changes much at all.

Regardless, once I added these attribute bindings back in through Schema Managemet, my CustomizedObjects.aspx started working again and my issue was resolved. This is a pretty obscure one, so I doubt anyone will encounter it in the future, but listing it here just in case.

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