PowerShell Management Agent by Søren Granfeldt

The Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent (MA) for FIM 2010 is a powerful, general-purpose Management Agent built using the ECMA 2.0 framework that allows you to execute PowerShell scripts directly from the Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Synchronization Service.

Author: Søren Granfeldt
Released: March 18, 2013
Cost: Free (or donation) for unspported, contact for supported model pricing
Download: link is at bottom of PowerShell MA website (be sure to scroll down)

With server management functions increasingly moving towards Powershell, having an interface from FIM to execute Powershell scripts has become not only more important, but also more useful.

Rather than just creating an MA which blindly executes scripts handed to it, Søren’s PowerShell MA tightly integrates with the existing FIM object model and state-based run operations, which allows you to maintain object state integrity for your Connector Space.

In fact, because this MA integrates so well with FIM, and because of the capabilities that PowerShell provides, it actually has the potential to be used as a ‘universal management agent’. And indeed, that was apparently one of the driving reasons behind its creation – to avoid having to re-create a new management agent for every site he worked on.

And there’s really no end to what you can do with it. Søren provides the following ideas on the MA website for how you can use his PowerShell MA:

  • Home Directory creation and management, including profile drives for users.
  • Lync user detail management and access control
  • SQL Delta Imports using timestamp column (sample scripts available)
  • OpenLDAP to replace the legacy OpenLDAP XMA
  • Office 365 user management
  • Dynamics AX 2012 to manage users and roles
  • Human Resource (HR) data to enrichment/filtering/cleansing to address data quality issues
  • TCP/IP (DHCP lease) to facilitate WPA authentication
  • Password Management via script support for the Password Change Notification Service (PCNS)

The website for this tool is pretty comprehensive and includes highly detailed installation and troubleshooting instructions, as well as instructions and additional sample script downloads that allow you to perform all of the above-mentioned uses.

If you’re curious about the Granfeldt Management Agent and would like to learn a little bit more, the following is a demo which Søren gave to the FIM User Group in July, 2013:

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