I’m going to Redmond Identity, Access, and Directory Knowledge Summit 2014!

A few weeks back, I blogged that OCG had announced the dates for Redmond Identity, Access and Directory Summit 2014 as Jan7-9 again next year. Well, today I bought my ticket to go.

It looks like OCG have taken on board feedback that some of the attendees last year provided, as rumours tell that there may be two separate streams with next year’s conference – one, a technical side for those people who want all the raw, juicy detail about implementing FIM (complete with lots of tips and tricks, no doubt!); the second stream taking more of a business approach – how your organisation can use FIM; case studies to show real world scenarios and of course the strategic direction of Identity and the Microsoft FIM product suite. Yet to be confirmed, this is all rumour at this point!

Of course, I look at it from a strictly FIM point of view – RedmondIdentity2014 will also add Directory into the mix, so it will be interesting to see how big things become given the demise of TEC.

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