Microsoft Releases SharePoint User Profile, Generic LDAP and PowerShell Connectors to Connect

On March 28, 2013, Microsoft put out Release Candidates for several new FIM Synchronization Service Connectors, including:

  • SharePoint User Profile Connector
  • Generic LDAP Connector for Open LDAP
  • PowerShell Connector

The Release Candidate downloads are available via Microsoft Connect, along with the necessary upgrades to the FIM Sync Service, a technical reference for the SharePoint/LDAP connectors and some sample scripts (primarily SharePoint-related) for PowerShell

These three connectors are probably three of the most-demanded connectors, and candidates for custom connectors, so it’s good to see Microsoft taking a proactive approach in developing these.

Note that the connectors are still in Release Candidate only, so you shouldn’t be installing them in production environment yet.

1 thought on “Microsoft Releases SharePoint User Profile, Generic LDAP and PowerShell Connectors to Connect”

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