New FIM Tool: FIMDelta

While reinstalling FIM Portal in our development environment, one of my colleagues was working on some XSLTs to parse the changes.xml file produced during FIM Portal migration and produce a summary that would allow us to cull out any schema elements and policies that we didn’t want to reintroduce to our ‘clean’ development environment.

A few days into it, we saw a post by Carol Wapshere on her MissMIIS blog about a new FIM Tool that had been released by Alexey Skalozub, called FIMDelta.

FIMDelta basically allows you to do exactly what we were trying to achieve. It parses changes.xml, presents the changes in a summary and allows you to selectively include and exclude changes to create a new changes.xml.

Incredibly handy, we included a review in our FIM Tools section that details the application and several uses you could put it to.

Fortunately, we’ll still be able to use the XSLTs my colleague developed, as the output is something that is nice for documentation (something FIMDelta doesn’t provide).

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