New FIM2010/MIM2016 Generic Connectors Update (v1.1.552.0)

There’s a new support release in Technet this week for the Microsoft Connectors Pack.

This release specifically fixes the following issues:

  • MIM2016 Generic Web Services Connector
    • WSConfig tool was incorrectly converting JSON arrays for “sample request” for the REST service method.
    • WSConfig tool does not support spaces in JSON attribute names, so a substitution pattern can now be manually added to the WSConfigTool.exe.config file
  • Lotus Notes
    • KeyNotFoundException when performing export operations after the Allow custom certifiers for Organization/Organiztional Units option is disabled
    • KeyNotFoundException when above option is enabled but required certifiers not present

The update can be downloaded directly at the Microsoft Downloads page. For more information on changes, review the changelog.

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