Now Offering ECMA 2.0 Development Services

With the number of FIM 2010 implementations growing at a staggering rate, the variety of systems that FIM is being used to integrate with is similarly growing. To meet the rising need for customised FIM Management Agents, and recognising that not every organisation has the in-house capability to develop its own, I am now offering Custom ECMA 2.0 MA Connector Development.

Furthermore, for organisations that already have their own xMA’s built using the original ECMA 1 framework, but who are concerned about its recent deprecation, I am also now offering ECMA 1 to ECMA 2.0 Upgrade services. Upgrading early will not only ensure you are protected against when this functionality finally becomes obsolete, but it will also allow you to take advantage of some of the new functionality provided by the ECMA 2.0 framework.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of either of these services, please view the “Our Services” menu in the top right, or refer directly to my Contact page.

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