Unify Solutions run FIM Event Broker 3.1 Webinar

Former employers of mine, Unify Solutions, recently released version 3.1 of their FIM Event Broker product, and ran a launch webinar to showcase the features of this product. If you missed it, they just released it on youtube this morning:

If you’re unfamiliar with FIM Event Broker, it’s essentially an automation tool for the FIM Synchronization Service – but with some smarts. The core premise behind FIM Event Broker seems to be “Event Driven Identity Management” – and when configured properly, it will allow your FIM Sync operations to run in response to events in target systems, rather than on a schedule.

New user added to HR? FIM Event Broker will detect that and run an import. Change made in the FIM Portal? FIM Event Broker will detect that and run an import. Changes in one  system require an export to another target system? FIM Event Broker has that covered too.

Definitely an interesting product, and there’s certainly some benefit in reducing overall throughput time of identity changes, and also the number of operations performed. However, you’d have to assess how much of a benefit having event driven sync operations would have within your organisation, when compared against the regular scheduled approach most people go by. For more information about FIM Event Broker, including how to download a trial, visit the Official Website.

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